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Criminal defense tactics may interest man accused of terrorism

No matter the types of allegations that a person may face, he or she has the right to defend against criminal charges. However, even knowing that this option is available, many individuals may not fully understand how to create and present a meaningful criminal defense. Luckily, parties could gain additional information on their specific cases and determine which legal routes may best suit their needs.

One man in Virginia may find additional information useful after recently being charged in an alleged event. Reports stated that an explosive device went off in a parking lot at approximately 5 p.m. Initially, emergency crews believed that they were dealing with a car fire. After arriving at the scene, however, they determined that the fire occurred due to an explosive device.

Days after the incident, a 30-year-old man was taken into custody as a suspect regarding the explosion. It is unclear what may have caused the man to come under suspicion, but nonetheless, he is currently facing charges for terrorism and detonating an explosive. Multiple investigative agencies were working on looking into the incident to uncover more information.

The charges the man is currently facing are serious in nature and could have severe outcomes if he is convicted. Undoubtedly, the man will hope to avoid being convicted of the allegations. His criminal defense presentation -- should he choose to create one -- could have a significant impact on the results of his criminal case. Therefore, he may wish to utilize local Virginia legal resource to gain reliable information on the charges and other aspects of the proceedings.

Source: wjhl.com, "Police: Man charged with terrorism after setting off bomb", Oct. 21, 2017

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