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September 2017 Archives

Criminal defense may play critical role in Virginia legal case

In order to effectively handle a serious legal situation, individuals often need to understand what they are facing. Because criminal law and charges can have complexities that many people may find difficult to comprehend, it is not unusual for parties to have many questions regarding their criminal defense options. However, individuals facing such a predicament do not have to feel at a loss.

Man accused of DUI after Virginia accident causing injuries

In order to address criminal charges in a meaningful way, accused individuals often need the right information. Because criminal law is complicated, it is not unusual for parties facing allegations to feel confusion and anxiety over the pending legal proceedings. Fortunately, there are ways that people who have been charged with DUI and other alleged crimes to find useful information.

Exploring criminal defense options useful in Virginia

Criminal proceedings are often sensitive predicaments to handle. The person facing charges may feel as if he or she is being unfairly accused or have other issues with the situation that could make him or her feel overwhelmed and emotional. Because confusion is not uncommon during such a time, information on criminal defense options may help.

Virginia women may find criminal defense information useful

Many people find themselves facing criminal charges for a variety of reasons. In any case, when having to deal with allegations and the legal proceedings such an affair entails, it is understandable for accused parties to feel overwhelmed at how to approach the process. For uncertain individuals, gaining information on their criminal defense options may be a wise place to start.

General continuance and deferred finding

For a young person facing first-time charges, keeping a clean record ranks as a primary concern. In many cases, especially those involving relatively minor charges, going to trial hoping for a verdict of not guilty may not be the best option.

Police intensify DUI/DWI enforcement during holiday period

Virginia is geared up to engage in some intensive law enforcement efforts against drunk drivers this Labor Day weekend. The campaign against DUI/DWI offenders, dubbed Checkpoint Strikeforce, is in its 16th year of operation. The state intends to intensify its patrols and increase the numbers of checkpoints. Drunk driving is the cause of one-third of all holiday traffic deaths, according to the authorities.

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