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Man awaits extradition to Virginia for prosecution of sex crimes

When a fugitive is found and apprehended in another jurisdiction, an extradition procedure is started to return the accused back to the state where the offenses were charged or the conviction entered. Many persons charged with or convicted of sex crimes have left the original state jurisdiction and traveled to other states where they hide out. Recently, for example, a fugitive from Virginia was found and apprehended by authorities in another state.

The U.S. Marshall's Service stated that the man was caught hiding in the homeless sections of a large city.  The Service alleges that he was arrested in front of a homeless shelter. He was originally arrested for sex crimes in Norfolk, Virginia in Sept. 2013 and released by the court on bail in March 2014.

He failed to appear for hearings on his case, and a fugitive warrant was issued against him later in June 2014. The outstanding charges against him were aggravated sexual battery, indecent liberties with a minor and failure to register and report as a sex offender. The accused is now being held at the San Francisco County Jail pending extradition back to Virginia.

Although extradition proceedings are conducted in the city and state where the alleged fugitive was found, the original untried sex crimes charges must be prosecuted against him in Virginia. It appears that in this case, the accused has not yet been found guilty but instead jumped bail prior to having hearings and a trial. Extradition is not fought by the defendant in most cases. There would have to be conflict over the identity of the accused or some other basic challenge to the jurisdiction of the courts for an extradition fight to be successful. When the accused returns to the original state, he is entitled to receive a full and vigorous defense to all unproved charges.

Source: abc7news.com, "Fugitive Virginia sex offender arrested outside homeless shelter in San Francisco", June 7, 2017

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