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June 2017 Archives

Changes ahead for how Virginia treats pot possession and driver's licenses

Right now, most people are eagerly awaiting the start of the Fourth of July holiday weekend, which promises everything from picnics and barbeques to parades and fireworks. In other words, the last thing on their minds is the start of the state's new fiscal year.

Accused drug conspirator needs intensive criminal defense

The distribution of methamphetamine continues to be a problem in Virginia, despite being overshadowed by the opioid crisis here and throughout the country. The federal and state authorities recently carried out a sweep of alleged methamphetamine co-conspirators in Surry County and southern Virginia. They netted 20 arrests of persons allegedly involved in a conspiracy to distribute methamphetamine. Criminal defense counsel for each defendant will assiduously investigate the details and surrounding facts to determine any inaccuracies or fallacies in the indictment of each accused person.

Criminal defense for man accused of assault must probe the facts

Virginia Beach police arrested a suspect in a stabbing case recently. It illustrates a typical incident, and its reported circumstances pose some of the questions that criminal defense counsel must ask in initiating the defense of such an accused individual. The arrest occurred somewhere near the S. Plaza Trail after police heard a man screaming in a parking lot behind the Blarneystone Pub.

Man awaits extradition to Virginia for prosecution of sex crimes

When a fugitive is found and apprehended in another jurisdiction, an extradition procedure is started to return the accused back to the state where the offenses were charged or the conviction entered. Many persons charged with or convicted of sex crimes have left the original state jurisdiction and traveled to other states where they hide out. Recently, for example, a fugitive from Virginia was found and apprehended by authorities in another state.

Attending to details protects your Miranda rights

Military people know the drill of reciting name, rank and serial number if captured by the enemy. It's part of their training about complying with the rules of war. In the civilian world, the closest analogy to that might be if you are suspected of a crime and face questioning by the police.

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