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May 2017 Archives

Drug arrests can mean forks in the legal road

Many different elements can converge to create significant legal troubles for individuals. Imagine for a moment that you are an long-haul trucker from Virginia stopped for a safety check by authorities in another state. These kinds of safety blitzes are common and happen more often this time of year.

What should I do if I'm stopped by police in Virginia?

These are tense times. It would be nice if that wasn't the case, but denying the reality isn't wise. Indeed, just being pulled over by the police for what may seem minor traffic violations can have a deadly outcome, as cases across the country in recent years have shown.

'Reasonable doubt' can hinge on knowing broader context

Back in January 2016, we wrote a post to clarify the importance of the state's burden to provide "proof beyond a reasonable doubt" to obtain a criminal conviction. As that post observed, whether the burden is sufficiently met is a subjective decision made by the jury. It's futile to attempt to second-guess the outcome as an outsider.

Obtaining reliable testimony in sex crimes with child victims

"Man, 74, charged with sexual abuse of then 6-year-old." So reads a recent headline from a jurisdiction not far from Norfolk and Hampton Roads. The story goes on to say that the individual is facing an array of sex crime charges including sexual abuse of a minor, child abuse and sex offenses of varying degrees.

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