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Student accused of kidnapping and assault

A student studying at William and Mary in Virginia was arrested on Feb. 27 for allegedly assaulting and abducting another student in two separate episodes. According to a spokesperson for the school, the accused person was 21 years old and the alleged victim was the same student for both incidents.

The first incident occurred on Dec. 14, when the accused student allegedly assaulted another student before holding her against her will. A similar incident occurred again on Feb. 26. In both instances, the alleged victim did not have any injuries.

The accused student was ultimately taken into police custody. He was facing a felony charge for abduction and two misdemeanor charges for assault. Additionally, authorities issued a trespass warrant, meaning he is not allowed to return to the William and Mary campus until the case gets resolved. In addition to legal consequences, the student could also face campus disciplinary action; although, a school spokesperson would not discuss specifics due to university practice and privacy laws.

When a student is charged with a serious crime, a criminal defense attorney may challenge the evidence and charges as the consequences the student may face could be severe. For example, the student could face probation or even a prison sentence. In addition, they may also be kicked out of school, preventing them from starting their career and supporting themselves. If there is no solid evidence that the accused person actually committed the crime, the attorney may present an alibi or other evidence that shows that the defendant could not have been involved in the crimes. In some cases, the attorney may be able to get the case dismissed.

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