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The lingering effects of a DUI conviction

Many college students in Newport News do not think of the consequences of their actions until there is a reason for them to do so. Drinking and partying with friends is all fun and games until someone makes the decision to drink and drive.

Even though you may be aware of the dangers of intoxicated driving, you may not understand just how much a DUI conviction can affect your life.

DUIs are very serious crimes. Even first-time offenders experience difficulties once their charges turn into convictions. The immediate consequences include:

  • License suspension
  • Possible jail time
  • Fines
  • Probation

For repeat offenders, the immediate consequences are more severe and include ignition interlock devices, tethers and rehab. There are also other factors to consider, such as your personal life, employment prospects and education.

Personal life

Imagine how embarrassing it is for you to explain to your closest friends and family that you have a DUI conviction and that it is the reason your life took a detour. Your friends and loved ones may feel disappointed in your actions and angry that you made such a bad decision. They may also lose trust in you.

Employment prospects

Many employers are not accepting of people who commit crimes that involve recklessness. You risk losing your job once your current employer finds out about your criminal record or if your job requires a valid driver's license

Having a DUI on your criminal record can make you a less than desirable candidate to potential employers. You may have some impressive credentials that would normally make you the top candidate for a position, but a DUI conviction could signal to potential employers that you may not be capable of making good decisions.

Many higher-earning professions, such as those in the medical, education and legal fields bar people who have criminal records from obtaining licenses. This can severely cripple your employment and earning potential, especially if you were majoring in one of those disciplines.


Education institutions have high standards and expectations for their students. Getting a DUI is a direct violation of common student codes of conduct. It can also result in expulsion and keep you from enrolling in other colleges until a significant amount of time has passed.

People who decide to drink and drive are reckless and a danger not just to themselves, but to everyone who is in their vehicle and near them on the roads. As fun and exciting as drinking and driving may seem, and regardless of who you see doing it, it is best to avoid gambling away your future with this type of behavior. If you are dealing with a legal situation that involves alcohol, drugs and driving, you should consult with an attorney to learn more about your options.

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