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Actions that could lead to a suspended license

There are many reasons why Virginia residents could have their drivers license revoked or suspended. For instance, someone who is convicted of operating a motor vehicle while impaired could have his or her license suspended or revoked. The same is true of those who are convicted of operating a motor vehicle with a license suspended because of a drunk driving conviction.

Those who are found guilty of committing a drug offense may have a license suspended or revoked even if no vehicle was involved in committing the crime. It is also possible to have a license suspended or revoked for making a false statement to the DMV or for failing to stop at the scene of a crash where someone has been hurt or killed. Taking a license exam for another individual or appearing for someone else to renew a drivers license may result in a license suspension or revocation.

A driver who hurts another person or commits manslaughter while operating a motor vehicle under the influence could lose his or her driving privileges. The same is true of anyone who commits voluntary or involuntary manslaughter while operating a motor vehicle. Finally, loss of driving privileges may occur if an individual is convicted of eluding the police.

Those who are caught driving without a license or on a suspended license may face a variety of penalties. Those penalties may include jail time, probation or community. An attorney may be able to help an individual cast doubt upon a misdemeanor or felony traffic charge. It may be done by arguing that a driver either had a valid license or didn't know that his or her license was suspended or revoked. This may result in a case being thrown out.

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