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Loudoun Co. case reveals broad reach of sex crime allegations

It was just one year ago we first broached the topic of sex crimes on this blog. The focus of that post was on the fallout that an individual can suffer from merely an accusation of sex crimes involving the internet.

Virginia attorneys experienced in dealing these and other sex crime cases know that the negative consequences of facing charges can begin well before a case reaches court. That being the case, it's important for someone confronted with such accusations to seek legal consultation about their options early.

As we noted in that earlier post, conviction of a crime related to sex involving children can mean long-term trouble for the person found guilty. But what is equally disturbing is the collateral damage that others might suffer, even if they have nothing to do with the suspected criminal activity. Take for example the case of a high school principal in Loudoun County.

According to various news accounts, this official has been on leave from his job since early December. Officials have given no reason for his absence, but it comes in the wake of other news that a former band teacher at the school has been investigated for alleged sexual misconduct involving students at another school in Florida.

If reports are to believed, the band teacher resigned from the Loudoun County high school after being accused of sexual harassment there and the principal wrote a letter of recommendation that helped the teacher land his new position. All that is speculation, however, because no one is talking about what actually happened.

Not everyone has abandoned the principal. Parents who support him are organizing protests in a bid to see him reinstated. They suspect school officials are looking to fire the principal and they say that, at the very least, he deserves the benefit of due process through open, transparent hearings.

As for the band director in Florida, officials say they have insufficient cause to press charges. That doesn't mean the educator won't face repercussions.

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